Ta med hela familjen och dina vänner på en oförglömlig upplevelse i vår trampolinpark, showoffa i allt från volter till att tävla om vem som är bäst i dodgeball!

Boka hopptid

Vi har drop-in, bokning används enbart för kalas/företagsevent och vid behov för stora grupper av besökare/träningsgrupper.



Dodgeball rules

  • Six active members in each team in a match
  • Start rush, each team rush for the balls in the center of the court. Before you can start eliminating the other team players, by  hitting the with the ball, you have to return to your start position.
  • You are eliminated if you are hit directly by an opoonent, or if you are hit by a rebound from a team member also eliminated in the same ball. You are not eliminated if the ball touches the ground or a wall Before it touches you.
  • You are as a thrower eliminated if the ball is catched by the opponent before touching the ground.
  • If you fail to catch the ball, and it hits the ground, you are eliminated.
  • If you catch a ball that just hit a team member, before it hits the ground, the thrower are eliminated, and the hit team member is not eliminated.
  • If you hit an opponents head, you are eliminated unless the opponent move intentionally to be hit.
  • If you hold a ball for more than 10 seconds you are warned for delaying the game.
  • You can use the balls to block the opponents attempts to hit you.
  • All delays of the game will render a warning.
  • The referees Word is the Dodgeballs Court law, and no objections are allowed..
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